Huh? Could you run that by me again?

Be Present in this perfect moment

Enter the state of No Mind; call for the mind (the ego) when you need to use it instead of letting the mind run your life

Enjoy the Oneness of body, mind, and spirit with the intelligent, living field of energy that permeates all that is

Hear the breath, the prana, nurturing your body

See your body, from head to toe, embraced with loving white light

Feel the pulsating energy field within your body

Bring your Attention - Here and Now

The world around us nothing more, nothing less, than a mirror of what we have become within our hearts. We are bathed in an intelligent, living field of energy; this energy field responds to genuine human emotions.

When we synchronize with the field, by being present in the current moment, we are "in the zone" and life becomes easy. When we are not in synch with the field, when we "push" our way through situations, life can become difficult. In short, we must become what we wish to experience in our lives. The genuine emotions of each of us profoundly influences the world around us.

. . . what we imagine in our minds,
               what we feel in our hearts,
                               becomes our world . . .

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