A Prayer to Create Sacred Space

Winds of the South
Mother Sister Serpent
We are honored to learn from you to shed our past as easily as you shed your skin
To forgive eternally and unconditionally for pains we impose and endure
To heal wounds and transmute hurt into a source of power, a shield of compassion

Winds of the West
Mother Sister Jaguar
We are honored to learn from you the path of the luminous warrior
With no enemies in this world or the next
To move beyond violence, fear, hostility
And into the future with courage, grace, and unconditional love

Winds of the North
Mother Sister Hummingbird
We are honored to learn from you wisdom of the ancient ones, our beloved ancestors, and the practice of invisibility
That we may step outside of time and into the timeless
To be ever present in this current, delectable, eternal instant of our journey that is NOW

Winds of the East
Mother Sister Eagle
We are honored to learn from you to spread our wings wide and soar high
That we may use discriminating vision and infinite intelligence to dream a world of peace into being
To manifest a global consciousness of kindness and compassion, respectfulness and patience, forgiveness and nonjudgment, tolerance and unconditional love

Mother Earth, Pachamama
Father Heaven, Great Spirit
We are honored to serve as a bridge between Heaven and Earth
Spiritual beings having a human experience
Individual waves on the infinite sea of consciousness
Unique yet one with the ocean, the source, of all that is
Please reveal the spiritual corrections our vessels must make to dissolve our karmic seeds in this lifetime
That we may flow with the river of life, bumping against the banks of pleasure and pain but getting stuck to neither
We are honored to learn from you to create peace by being peace
To be kind and compassionate to all beings, all the time, everywhere, no matter what
That we may serve, with an open heart, loving intent, discriminating vision, and infinite intelligence
To expand the consciousness, enrich the vibrational frequencies, and enhance the spiritual state of all being everywhere

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