Now Power Yoga Workshops

We are neither yoga teachers nor yoga students.

We are all yoga sharers.

We share the wonderful practice of yoga with each other. As fellow seekers, we learn continuously from each other as well as all around us. Every person with whom we interact has been guided to us to teach us something about ourselves. We need only surrender to the pearls of wisdom with which we are blessed. We are all enlightened beings - it is just a matter of degree - the degree to which our obscurations have been cleared, our fog lifted, our lenses cleaned.

The intent of Now Power Yoga workshops is to expand the consciousness, raise the vibrational frequency, and elevate the spiritual state of those that seek to become present in the current moment, to silence the fluctuations of the mind, and to abide in their true nature.

The goal of Now Power Yoga workshops is to provide tools that enable participants to take the intense presence achieved through power yoga asana practice into their everyday life situations.

Whatever challenges we face, we remain present in our bodies, we bring our attention here and Now, and we find that perceived obstacles transmute into golden opportunities for growth.

When we maintain inner body awareness, our light shines more brightly.

The light in me bows to that same light in you.


Workshop Schedule

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