Creating Sacred Space

To create sacred space - in which to practice, heal, learn, meditate, merge with universal flow, commune, etc. - we honor the four directions, Heaven and Earth.

Below is an invocation that revealed itself to us. You can use this one until your own prayer reveals itself to you.

When calling upon the archetypal animals of the South, West, North, and East, you can imagine that you are that animal: slithering like a snake feeling the moist, firm Earth under your belly, striding courageous like the jaguar through the jungle, poised motionlessly in motion like the hummingbird drinking nectar from a fragrant beautiful flower; soaring majestically like the eagle in flight.

A Prayer to Open Sacred Space

When practice is complete, it is also important to close sacred space to release the protective energies that have been summoned.

A Prayer to Close Sacred Space

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